For Those Who Slept Through The Past Few Days

Posted by Tosten Burks | 7/16/2008 12:50:00 PM | 0 comments »

Just in case you spent the past couple days watching hours upon hours of All Star non-action, I'm here to fill you in on what has happened lately in Chargers nation.

The Browns Think Eric Parker Is Too Short
Browns beat writer Tony Grossi says the team would prefer to acquire a receiver bigger than Eric Parker as insurance behind Joe Jurevicius.

Parker is only 6'0/180. Grossi believes cornerback is a more pressing issue for the Browns and speculates that Anthony Henry could be had if Dallas makes it through camp unscathed. The Cowboys have at least six CBs worthy of a roster spot, so trading an aging one with a relatively pricey contract who's about to lose his job could easily happen.
Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer
Sounds like speculation to me. Especially the part where Grossi "believes" and "speculates" rather than "reports." Regardless of whether the Browns need a cornerback more than a wide receiver, they still want a possession wide receiver to take the place of the injured Jurevicius. Eric Parker is the only guy on the market. This is probably just a negotiation attempt to get the Bolts to lower their asking price.

Cromartie Moves On To a Bigger and Better Agent
Antonio Cromartie says he hired a new agent, Gary Wichard, because he "wanted to go with a guy who had experience with bigger contracts."
Wichard represents Dwight Freeney, who was made the NFL's highest paid DE in 2007. Cromartie has played only two years and started only half a season, but has a shot to be the league's richest CB by 2010 if he stays healthy.
Source: San Diego Union-Tribune
Here are some of the guys that Wichard represents: JP Losman, Brandon Jackson, Dusty Dvoracek, Teddy Lehman, Jeremy Bloom, Stephen Alexander, Tebucky Jones (BEST NAME EVER), Eric Hicks, and Brian Jennings. Oh ya, definitely experienced with representing the big names and their big deals. Good choice Antonio.

AJ Is Obsessed With Stopping New England
The Chargers' decision to draft Antoine Cason 27th overall was aimed at neutralizing Patriots slot receiver Wes Welker, according to's Don Banks.
Banks speaks of an "obsession" Bolts GM A.J. Smith has with the Pats and says Antonio Cromartie will be used in man coverage against Randy Moss when the teams square off in Week 6, and potentially in the playoffs. Cromartie is good and all, but Moss in single coverage against anyone would be a favorable matchup.
I don't know whether to be excited about this story or completely scared out of my mind. Either way, I think that Quentin Jammer is the guy who should be the happiest with this. A-Cro draws Moss and the rookie gets to cover Wes Welker, while the veteran Jammer is lined up across from Jabar stinking Gaffney.

Another Star Linebacker In San Diego
The Chargers are convinced that second-year LB Brandon Siler is "bound for stardom," according to's Don Banks.
Siler fell to the seventh round in 2007 over attitude concerns, but made a big impact on special teams as a rookie. His role could expand on defense as a sophomore with ILB Stephen Cooper suspended the first four games.
Now this is a story I know that I'm excited about, although the rest of the AFC teams may be completely scared out of their mind.