A Midsummer Night's Countdown: 24 Days

Posted by Tosten Burks | 7/01/2008 06:14:00 PM | 0 comments »

The middle of the baseball season is unbelievably boring. Especially when your team, in my case the Padres, sucks. I end up sitting around watching, I'm ashamed to admit, Arena Football. What can I say, as a Padres fan, seeing teams actually score a lot is a refreshing change.

But for all those not buying into to the AFL, I'm going to antagonize you and count down down every single, long day until the (real) football season starts. With every day, I'll pair the number of days left until training camp (or the actual season, or a preseason game, not every number will work, so there will be some reaches) starts with a stat or an analysis that has to do with the Chargers.

And awaaay we go.

24 days until training camp

24 is the number of sacks given up by the Chargers offensive line in the regular season last year. That was good for 7th in the league.

For the Chargers to make a super bowl run, the offensive line must continue to succeed against the pass rush. The O-line anchors the offense, and for Rivers to develop into a star even with Gates possibly being out at the beginning of the season, it must continue to protect the quarterback, especially with blocking fullback Lorenzo Neal gone.