A Midsummer Night's Countdown: 22 Days

Posted by Tosten Burks | 7/03/2008 09:13:00 PM | 1 comments »

The middle of the baseball season is unbelievably boring. Especially when your team, in my case the Padres, sucks. I end up sitting around watching, I'm ashamed to admit, Arena Football. What can I say, as a Padres fan, seeing teams actually score a lot is a refreshing change.

But for all those not buying into to the AFL, I'm going to antagonize you and count down down every single, long day until the (real) football season starts. With every day, I'll pair the number of days left until training camp (or the actual season, or a preseason game, not every number will work, so there will be some reaches) starts with a stat or an analysis that has to do with the Chargers.

And awaaay we go

Sorry for not counting down another long day until the season starts yesterday. I was gone preventing global warming. Won't happen again, you readers are my first priority. But now I'm back. And without further ado...

22 days until training camp

22 is the number of Mr. Jacob Hester, San Diego's certified slow, white guy. He's also one of the most important keys to San Diego's success this year. Listen. Tomlinson isn't getting any younger. As the years roll by, he's not going to be able to handle the same huge workloads. Guys are going to need to help out by taking on some of the touches. Now that Michael Turner is in Atlanta, and LDT is older than ever, the job falls to Jacob Hester, with his task being more important than ever. Even though he's a rookie, he's going to be counted on to come off the bench and be a spark, to be a relief, and to make a quick, immediate impact in games. He's no Michael Turner, and no one should expect him to be, but it's essential to the Chargers that he picks up in games where Ladainian leaves off. As Turner proved this past postseason when he was called upon to fill in for an injured LT, without a solid backup, the Bolts aren't going anywhere.


  1. joanie brown // July 8, 2008 at 3:57 PM  

    Tosten, how did you prevent global warming?
    You know humans don't cause global warming, so how can they prevent it?
    Oh, maybe you're super-human. Keep cool!