More Espning About Eric Parker

Posted by Tosten Burks | 7/08/2008 06:00:00 PM | 0 comments »

No new news (that was clever wasn't it) about Eric Parker's future today, so I'll espn about some of the places he could end up this offseason.

The first, and most likely landing spot is Cleveland. Eric Parker is a solid slot, possession type wide out when healthy, and the Browns are currently without their slot guy Joe Jurevicius. Cleveland's offensive coordinator, Rob Chudzinski, knows Eric Parker from the three years he spent as San Diego's tight ends coach. The rumors are that it would only take a late round draft pick to snag Parker from San Diego, and Cleveland has the picks to do so. If Parker ends up being released, the Browns have the money to sign him. You don't have to stretch your mind too much to see this scenario playing out.

Another possible team that could acquire Parker is the Chicago Bears. The Bolts know that Eric Parker is effective when healthy, they know he has value. Ideally, they would trade him to an NFC team so he doesn't turn around and hurt them. The Bears have one of the weakest group of receivers in the league, so Parker would only help. Devin Hester is looking to be the only pass catching weapon in the offense, and a solid possession guy like Parker would offset him nicely.

The Seattle Seahawks are another team that could be in the running to get Eric Parker. With Branch unlikely to be ready for the beginning of the season, Nate Burleson and Bobby Engram are looking like the players who will start at receiver. Yes, Engram is a short yardage, slot receiver like Parker, but he's 35. He's been in the NFL for 13 seasons. And last year isn't his normal production; the 94 catches gave him 70+ receptions for the first time since 1999. You know the end of his career is in sight, and the 29 year old Parker would be a solid replacement in a Seattle offense that features and utilizes possession receivers.

Other teams that may be in the running, and the reasons why I didn't waste my time talking about them:
Atlanta - They are a rebuilding franchise. I don't see them wanting to give up draft picks at this point in time.
Tennessee - AJ Smith isn't going to trade an impact guy like Parker to a conference rival that they could be competing for a playoff spot with.