Launches into Beta

We just wanted to let our readers know that we are apart of a new Sports Blog Network at is a site that feeds in over 50 great sports blogs and links back out to all of them. They drive traffic to our site and also sell ads for all the blogs in the network.

At you can:

Currently has approximately 56 blogs in the network with a reach of approximately 200,000 unique visitors per month which is growing daily. Check it out. They are interested in hearing your feedback.


  1. Wayne // November 16, 2008 at 4:52 PM  

    I have been a S.D. Charger fan since 1961. When will we ever have a winning team? Don't mention the So-Called Superbowl it still hurts.
    Phillpi Rivers is a PUSSY, he is gun shy, and out of the passing game once he has been intercepted.
    I grant you that we have no pass protection and a offensive line that might as well be Line Dancing but still...It's up to him.

    Phillp, take some time and reflect. Is this really the job for you? Oh and by the way, Take Norv Turner with you. I've seen all the Pop Warner Razzle Dazzle plays I can handle. If you do the math, you are DEMANDING a lot of money per play. Is it too much to produce 50% of the time?