With their fifth round pick, the San Diego Chargers selected Cornerback Brandon Hughes from Oregon State University. He stands at 5'10' 182 pounds.

Overall Football Traits
Production22004: Oregon State red shirts Hughes. 2005-'07: Hughes starts 32 of the 36 games he appears in accumulating 133 tackles, 10 tackles-for-loss, two interceptions, 25 passes broken up, three fumble recoveries and one forced fumble. 2008: Hughes starts 11 games accumulating 35 tackles, 2.5 tackles-for-loss, one interception and 11 passes broken up.
Height-Weight-Speed3Good top-end speed and adequate height but below average bulk.
Durability32008: Misses Utah and Washington State games with a hamstring injury.
Character2A reporter for the campus student newspaper. Also Editor of a religion based campus newsletter. Editor of a religion based on-campus newsletter 'The Promise.' Co-team captain.
Defensive Corner specific Traits
Recognition Skills/Toughness3Tougher than size suggests and isn't afraid to mix it up with bigger receivers At best lining up in press coverage but marginal upper body strength and going to get pushed around by bigger receivers. Can be a quarter-count late reacting to running plays.
Closing Burst3Flashes above-average closing burst and recovery speed. Gets excellent knee bend in backpedal but gets caught flat footed too much and it hinders ability to transition out of it.
Fluidity3Opens hips well when forced to turn and run but can be too quick to flip them and can get beat on comeback/hitch routes as a result. Footwork is inconsistent and can lose balance on occasion though generally recovers quickly.
Ball Skills4Big hands for frame and has the vertical leaping ability to compete with taller receivers for jump balls but plays the receiver instead of the ball far too often. Needs to work on getting head turned around in time to locate the ball when running with receivers downfield. Bigger receivers can shield him from the ball.
Run Support3Active hands and flashes the ability to slip blocks but can get engulfed by bigger receivers. While an adequate drag down tackler that isn't afraid to throw body around could have a tough time getting bigger NFL power backs to the ground.