2009 Chargers NFL Draft

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The Chargers went into this draft with a very talented team that has a few holes and a couple shallow positions. That is a great way to go into a draft because it gives you the option to pick the best players avaialable. I was hoping they would come away with a couple offensive lineman (to me the biggest need on the team), and big tackle that could backup Jamal Williams and eventually take over. We have learned over the last few years, that as Jamal Williams goes, so goes the Chargers defense. Without him clogging up the middle and taking on two linemen every play, he gives the ends and linebackers a chance to find a hole or beat their single man. It makes me nervous that he is so huge and so important. If he gets hurt the defense is not the same.

They got who they thought was the best fit for the team in the first round and then filled all their needs throughout the draft. It seemed like a solid draft based on positional needs, but only time will tell. AJ Smith has been very good at drafting the right guys, so I have faith that he knows what he is doing.

Here is the Chargers 2009 Draft:

1. Larry English, DE, LSU: He was projected to be a first rounder, but not this high. He is quick and seems to be very mature. This isn't exactly a need, but he will have great training from a very good core and a very good coach.

He came on 1090 this morning with Scott and BR, and seems to be very grounded. He commented that he was happy about the money, but he wanted to come in and learn as much as possible and play the game.

3) 79th pick, Louis Vasquez, OG, Texas Tech: The Chargers filled their biggest need as soon as they could. They only had one pick on the first day, and they started out the second day with the hole in their O-line. He is a big aggresive guy that needs some work with his feet and staying low, but sounds like a good fit.

4) 113th pick, Vaugn Martin, DT, WOU: He is the third player ever to be drafted from Western Ontario, and is the first CIS (Canadian Interuniversity Sport) underclassmen ever drafted. He apears to be a beast, and dominated the competition in Canada. A lot of "experts" are unhappy with this pick, because it is high for a guy that has never really played in elite competition. Personally, I am a fan of the out of the box picks. The guy is huge and "vicious" and seems like a good place to start in developing our next Jamal Williams. He has a great teacher and has time to learn before he is needed.

4) 133rd pick, Tyronne Green, OG, Auburn: Another guard to bolster the lines, and actually a higher ranked one at that. Green was Scouts, Incs 3rd ranked OG, so this was a great spot for a guy that seems pretty polished and has great potential to start right away.

4) 134th pick, Gartrell Johnson, RB, Colorado State: Gartrell is the back that will pick up the tough yards so LT can explode. He isn't the fastest guy, but he is big and strong and should be a great compliment to the speed and explosiveness that LT and Sproles both provide.

5) 148th pick, Brandon Hughes, CB, Oregon State: Sounds like a great coverage guy, but needs to bulk up to support the run defense. I never expect a corner to come in and make an impact right away, and Hughes should be in a position to have time to learn and develop (and bulk up) before the Chargers will really need him.

6) 189th pick, Kevin Ellison, S, USC: The Safety is sort of the opposite of Hughes, delivering the big hit, but not considered great in coverage. He is going to have a good head for football coming out of USC, and will likely be a contributer on special teams right away, and maybe fit into some packages against the run.

7) 224th pick, Demetrius Byrd, WR, LSU: Byrd seems like a bit of a work in progress. He is fast (4.3 40) and has the ability to create seperation. He is a little raw, but sounds like he has great potential. He was in critical condition from a car accident last week, but appears to be in good condition now. It is a risky pick considering the accident, but probably also provides value as he likely would have gone higher were it not for the accident.