Ryan Leaf is Finally Living up to Expectations

Posted by Claytoris | 4/24/2009 07:28:00 AM | 0 comments »

Ryan Leaf looks nothing like I would look if I had been the biggest bust in football history. Actually, I hope this is how I would look. He doesn't care that his football career is considered to be the worst by a highly touted draft pick in the history of all sports. He has a hot former Charger girl wife who owns a dance studio and probably brings in most of the bacon.

As a Charger fan, I am disgusted by the word Leaf now. That's right, natures gift to us is marred by this Dbag. Not just because he took so much money and could cut it physically, but because he couldn't cut it mentally. He was an ass to everyone in the process and still thinks he is hot shit.

Well, even if I abhor the guy, I don't wish him an eternity of self pity, so cheers to to Ryan, I hope they dropped you on your ass.