Nick Hardwick, the Chargers All Pro Center, was injured and carted off the field during the game Sunday against the Raiders. News has been released that he has a sprained ankle. When the leader of your offensive line gets taken off the field by a cart, a sprained ankle sounds like a gift from god. You think the worst, so a few weeks for an ankle is ok by me.

There is no estimated on missed time yet, so it could even be less than that. In the meantime, the Chargers signed Dennis Norman who was released by the Jaguars, and it looks like he will backup Scott Mruczkowski for the time being.

Louis Vasquez, sprained knee, and LT, sprained ankle, also have not been practicing, and it doesnt look to promising for either. Vasquez was starting his first game last week so we don't know how much he will be missed, but we seem to be getting used to playing without a healthy LT. One game and one injury is not what he was hoping for, and he is probably more disappointed than the rest of us, which is saying something.