NFL Week 2 Picks part 2

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19/54 = starter in Oakland

Part two of this weeks NFL lines and our picks. I promise I will add up our scores soon, I know, its already week three and I haven't tallied week 1 yet.

NEW ENGLAND (-4) over Atlanta: This should be a tough game for my boys. I thought last week was the week they bounce back and put up 40, but it wasn't the case. Last week was the worst game I've seen Brady play in a while. I just can't count on him sucking two weeks in a row. He is too good.

I have to agree. I want to take Atlanta here, but there defense is not good, and the Patriots should have a field day. Brady should be in eff you mode, and Welker should be back, right? I think this is a good game, and Atlanta could not only cover, but win, however, the Patriots at home after a loss against a team without a good defense is a decent matchup. I won't bet it, though. The best bet of the week does happen to be in this game, however, because the score will be somewhere in the 30s for both teams.

Patriots -4 (reluctantly)

Chicago (-1) over SEATTLE: It's hard betting against Seattle at home because it's one of the only places home-field advantage really matters in the NFL. It's weird. Why Seattle? They were saying the University of Washington has one of the loudest stadiums in college football and I didn't get that either. Oh well. I just think Chicago is a better team.

The Seattle home field advantage actually stems from the construction of the stadium. It holds all the noise in, so it is extremely loud, and one end is open allowing strong winds to screw with visiting kickers. I don't know if I have figured Chicago out yet, because their running game should be better, and they should throw less because they have a solid defense. However, the passing game seems to be getting better each week. This game is easy because Hasselbeck is effed up again. I don't know what the line looks like now, but Chicago should be able to beat a Seahawks team with Seneca Wallace at the helm no matter where the game is played.

Bears -1

New Orleans Saints (-6) over BUFFALO: Good teaser here at Even money for the Saints. They have a lot of fire power. It's going to be hard for them to get beat unless they face someone who is either a.) top-notch defensively - NYG, Bal - or b.) can score keep the ball out of Brees' hands.

I agree with you here, completely, except for the part of Baltimore having a top notch defense. They have given up 50 points in two games. I know you hate to say it, but the Jets can probably replace them on your list. So really, nothing else to say here, Buffalo won't be able to keep up, pure and simple.

Saints -6

Miami (+6) over SAN DIEGO: Not sure what to make here. The Dolphins looked good in terms of holding onto the ball this past week against Indianapolis. Sure, they lost, but I mean, come on, how good is Manning with the ball in his hands in the final three minutes? I'm going to give the Dolphins some credit here and take a risk.

I, unfortunately, agree with you here. On one hand, I actually trust Rivers at the end of the game, in two games he won a game on the final drive and took his team to ten and just missed on a game winning drive because Norv took it out of his hands. The problem is the Chargers run defense, its not good. Miami should be able to do the same thing they did to Indy, and you can't expect the Chargers to do the same thing Indy pulled off. This will probably look like the Chargers vs Raiders game with one small difference, Chad Pennington is much better than JaMarcus Russel.

Dolphins +6

Pittsburgh (-4) over CINCINATTI: No idea here. The Steelers should be the better team.

One would think. Who knows what to think of Cincy right now, and subsequently the Broncos, that first game has me completely confused. I have to take Pitt here, but I am throwing my hands in the air as I do so. Pittsburgh has a terrible running game. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

Steelers -4

OAKLAND (-1.5) over Denver: I have a crazy guy who works across the hall from me. He was running for mayor of my town (he lost), but he ran on the (apparently) "I'm Crazy" ticket and just said things like, "whoever designed the high school should be shot" and made a list of all the corrupt judges in the state. Anyway, he just came in my room to talk to me. I couldn't care less about this game.

The sad thing is, he isn't nearly as crazy as the person demanding that Russel (who is 19 of 54 passing so far) be the starting QB of the Raiders. As long as he is the QB, I can't take them to beat even a decent team, and the Broncos look to be decent. I haven't actually watched them play yet, but the defense is doing solid, and the offense isn't turning over the ball. So far, they look much better, and Kyle Orton is considerably better (who thought that would ever be in a sentence) than Russell.

Broncos +1.5

ARIZONA (-2.5) over Indianapolis: The Colts defense didn't look too good and the Cardinals can match them offensively. Take the over, and the Cardinals.

I don't know why, but I still don't like the Cardinals. They are probably getting healthier at the WR position, but they still aren't 100%. Kurt Warner still scares me, and they have a lot of trouble running the ball. The Colts defense isn't bad, they are just succeptable to the run, that shouldn't be a huge problem here. I think the Cardinals get more credit than they should by getting to the Super Bowl last year. Did we all forget the NFC West was really really bad, and the Cardinals went 9-7 in the regular season? This is an interesting matchup and I don't claim to know who will win, but at this point I like the Colts more than the Cardinals.

Colts +2.5

Carolina (+9.5) over DALLAS: Spread is too high here.

True. Carolina looked better last week, and I think they continue to improve. They have a great running game, and Dallas is overrated. I think it was Bill Simmons in his podcast with cousin Sal talking about the new Dallas stadium and they pointed out that visiting teams playing their for the first time will have trouble adjusting at first. The screen is so crazy, the team will have trouble focusing, so I think maybe Dallas is a good first quarter or first half bet this year at home. I do think this is too many points, though, and I wouldn't even be surprised if Carolina were to win here.

Panthers +9.5