The Tila Tequila Silver Lining

Posted by Claytoris | 9/08/2009 02:34:00 PM | , | 0 comments »

I think she just forgot the safe word

Tila Tequila is an idiot, and Sean Merriman is a bigger idiot for not only spending his time with her, but putting his image and potentially career within her reach. That being said, I, being the eternal optomist, see a silver lining.

The last couple of years, the extremely talented Chargers team has underperformed a bit because they are a bunch of Prima Donnas. They party too much, and don't seem to have winning as their first priority. Last season was summed up by one play against the Dolphins in week 5. The Dolphins were up 17-10 with 5:55 remaining. Everyone in the world new they were running the ball, but 6 carries got 2 first downs and left 2:45 on the clock. On first down Ricky Williams ran for 3 yards and Stephen Cooper made the tackle. After making the tackle he jumped around, walked by the Dolphins sideline and kissed his bicep on national TV.

Really Stephen? Really? Great tackle, welcome back from suspension, so glad you made the incredible and worthless play.

So back to the silver lining. If Merriman makes it out of this dibacle clean, shouldn't this force him and his teammates to learn a lesson and try to keep their noses clean for the rest of the year. Merriman will stay away from shady characters and keep out of the lime light, off of blogs like, and focus on one goal united with his team and city...Super Bowl