Week 2 NFL picks - Part 2

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Does this look familiar?

We kept it short again, which may be an easier read, but provides less info. Let us know if you want more or like it like this. Once again, Oz is first in black.

WASHINGTON (-9.5) over St. Louis: With the #1 pick in the 2010 NFL draft, the St. Louis Rams select ... Either way, I like Washingon here. The points are going to be hard to take from a pecuniary standpoint, but for the sake of picking every game, I'll pick the skins.

Agreed, maybe not that Detroit fails to repeat as the #1 pick, but that its a lot easier to pick Washington to win by 10 then it is to pick St Louis to keep it close. Washington is a solid team, and the Rams are not.

Redskins -9.5

Arizona (+3) over JACKSONVILLE: Why not? The NFC Champs have to have some pride, no?

What makes you think that? Has the Super Bowl loser ever played with "pride" the following year? I expect less out of Arizona this year than Jacksonville. Will Jacksonville be able to score, yes, will Arizona, probably, but I think they will be without Breaston and Boldin.

Jags -3

Seattle (+1.5) over SAN FRANCISCO: Does it not seem like every week someone from this division is playing one another? This division still sucks.

Isn't that the point of divisions? I think Seattle wins this division by 2 or 3 games. San Fran had a nice win, and have a solid team. Shaun Hill is 8-3 as a starter. I still think Seattle is better, and I am going with the home field advantage doesn't matter anymore theory here.

Seahawks +1.5

BUFFALO (-5) over Tampa Bay: Buffalo can either rebound or stay down. I like the toughness of this team.

They are without McGee, who looked awesome last week. Until Tampa does better than they did last week, I can't take them. This pick is purely based on last week's performance, which I hate doing, but have to with two teams I don't yet understand. Tampa seems to have a good running game and thats it. I have a feeling I regret this pick, but...

Bills -5

DENVER (-3) over Cleveland: The worst game of the week competition boils down to this, Seattle-SF, KC-Oakland, but at least the latter two are division games. This is just a shitty game that shouldn't appear anywhere on TV but the metro Cleveland and Denver areas. They shouldn't even show highlights.

Once again, I think Cincinnatti is bad, not that Denver has an improved defense. The Broncos looked terrible last week, and I am once again judging based on week 1 performance. Just like you say, who cares here. I won't bet it or watch it.

Browns +3

Baltimore (+3) over SAN DIEGO: San Diego needs to overcome injuries here. The Baltimore defense might be too good to overcome at this point. Flacco looked really good last week. I know another underdog ML I'm taking.

The Baltimore defense gave up a lot of points last week to a terrible offense, but not a ton of yards. The Chargers O line is beat up, and they won't be able to play terrible for 3.5 quarters like they did last week. I hope to god they pick it up, but they need improved line play to win this game.

Ravens +3

Pittsburgh (-3) over CHICAGO: Road favorites are tough. The line basically suggests that the Steelers at home are a 6 point favorite, which I disagree with. I bet this game falls within a touchdown either way. Nice old school, hard hitting matchup. Too bad the two best defensive players from each team aren't playing.

The lines aren't favoring the home teams like they used to, and this is a perfect example. It is hard to predict without those two guys, but based on Cutler's first half performance in his first game with the Bears, I think he is nervous and does the same thing in his first home game. The running game didn't look good from either team, I am interested to see if they do better here because of no Urlacher or Palamalu. Defending champs until they look bad or Chicago comes around, which I do think they will.

Pittsburgh -3

New York Giants (+3) over DALLAS: New stadium or not, the Giants are the better team in this game. Every division game is tough in the NFC East, but I see New York outclassing the Cowboys.


Giants +3

Indianapolis (-3) over MIAMI: The Dolphins are still getting Vegas love for last year huh? Ride this wave while we can.

Pick of the week for me. The Miami offense is pretty terrible, and the Indy defense is just average without Bob Sanders, but if they look anything like they did last week, Indy should roll here, and I think that holds true. My parlay of the week is Indy, Giants and Vikings...I think they are all golden.

Colts -3