Week 2 NFL PIcks

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Those guns help him overthrow...everyone

I haven't added up our picks from last week, that will come in round two tomorrow, but here's our thoughts on this weeks games in 3 sentences or less. Oz is first in black.

*Note: there are 10 games this weekend with lines 3.5 points or less

KC (-3) over Oakland: The Chiefs barely missed a cover last week against Baltimore and stayed in the game almost the entire way. Let's give them a home win, huh?

Oakland looked good on the O and D lines last week, but they have a QB that can't complete a pass over 10 yards. Arrowhead a true home field advantage, I think there is very little offense. If the Raiders could dominate the Chargers lines, then they certainly can dominate the Chiefs, they don't much out of Russell here.

Raiders +3

TENNESSEE (-6.5) over Houston: Division schedule for Texans won't start well. They looked soft last week, didn't adjust to anything either. The Titans really don't even have to throw. I've already benched Steve Slaton in fantasy. Good keeper, huh?

Texans have literally always sucked on the road, this year they may suck at home too, either that or the Jets are legit. Tenn apparently doesn't miss Haynesworth that much, and I was impressed with them in their loss. Kerry Collins may actually have turned a corner.

Titans -6.5

New England (-3.5) over NYJ: 1. Just don't talk bad about the Patriots. Teams haven't learned this. 2. They need to bounce back; I don't expect a stinkbomb two weeks in a row.

I said this to you earlier in the week, one team between the Chargers and Patriots bounces back big this week, I had trouble picking that team until the ridiculousness today. I don't think the Pats needed motivation here, so that shouldn't change anything, but the statement shows the Jets are maybe cocky, I'm not impressed with their win against everyone's sleeper of 2009.

Patriots -3.5

GREEN BAY (-9.5) over Cincy: The Bengals couldn't score against the Broncos last weekend. They stink. Green Bay should kill them. P.S. If this were 10, I probably wouldn't take it.

I hate this line for some reason, but how can you take Cincy. I don't think last week's game meant the Bengals and Broncos both have good defenses, I think they both have bad offenses.

Packers -9.5

DETROIT (+10) over Minnesota: Detroit hung in for a while last week against the Saints. This is my upset of the week. They will win this game. Money line that.

If by hung in there for a while you mean giving up two touchdowns in 6 minutes, and a 28-10 halftime defecit, then yes, Detroit hung in there. On another note, Minnesota has a MUCH better defense than New Orleans and the Lions are starting a rookie QB that isn't NFL ready. By the way, the Vikings covered this line on the road against a better qb and a better defense.

Vikings -10

New Orleans (+1.5) over PHILLY: I love taking road dogs! Philly has no McNabb. If Brees gets hot and can score against that defense, the Saints should be able to outgun Kevin Kolb.

Or will it be Garcia? He knows the offense already. Anyway, I agree, I New Orleans this year, I think everyone will have trouble stopping their offense, and Philly won't get five gifts from Brees like they got last week.

Saints +1.5

Carolina (+6) over ATLANTA: Atlanta looked good last week ... against Miami. Shit, I'm reversing this. NFC South teams don't lose at home. I hope Delhomme throws 13 picks again this week. I have the Falcons defense. ATLANTA -6

Falcons are definately over rated this week after beating up on a crappy Miami team, and Carolina is underrated after pushing Philly around for just over a quarter before Delhomme cracked...again. Does he do it three games in a row? I don't like the odds of that happening again, I think they win straight up here.

Panthers +6