On the heels of 6 straight victories, the San Diego Chargers head to Cleveland, Ohio to take on the dismal Browns, who haven’t won at home all year. Not that they are exactly better on the road, but their only win of the season came at Buffalo. This is a team that lost to the Detroit Lions, by giving up 38 points. The Browns have scored 7 points or less 7 times this season, and their only win was powered behind 6 points. Meanwhile, the Chargers have scored 21 points or more in 17 straight games.

Here are some of the key matchups for the game:

Ladanian Thomlinson vs. Browns front 7

LT has been improving every week since his slow start. He has yet to put up really big numbers, but most of that is because he gets pulled late in blowouts. Last week was the first time I can remember the Chargers O Line getting a great push. LT was getting hit three yards out instead of behind the line. The Browns rank 31st against the run, and now they are without their best lineman, Shuan Rogers.

Charger Receivers vs Brown’s secondary

The Browns rank last again, in yards after the catch, with 7.2, and the Chargers rank 5th in the league for the same category, averaging 5.8 yards per catch. Vincent Jackson has been pretty quite the last few weeks, but he is too talented to keep down for long. While defenses focus on stopping him, the rest of the receivers have benefited, and will continue to do so if that is the game plan.

Chargers vs. Cleveland weather

The truth is, Cleveland can’t really match up with the Chargers anywhere, except maybe special teams, so there is little point in debating which matchups are best. The real foe this week will be the weather. Snow is expected on Friday, but Saturday and Sunday look clear. The temperatures should be around 37, though, and if it is windy, that could limit the Chargers passing offense. The weather may put the pressure on the Chargers’ running game, but even then, the Chargers have the edge against a very bad Browns offense

Antonio Cromartie vs The San Diego Police Department

Looks like the Chargers already won this matchup, with the San Diego Police Department dropping the case against Cromartie that he hit a man over the head with a champagne bottle. The spokesperson stated that there was not enough evidence to prove a crime was committed.