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Here is what Kiper thinks about the Chargers draft. I like his thinking for Ryan Matthews, and it all seems to make sense. We need depth in the secondary and at WR, and need talent in the backfield and at Nose Tackle. To me, our biggest need is NT, because our offense will find ways to score whether we have a running game or not, but our defense can't get stops without someone plugging up the middle. The Chargers defense has been mediocre at best since Jamal Williams stopped being effective, which mostly came down to not playing.

San Diego Chargers
Top needs: NT, RB, RT, CB, WR
First round (28): RB Ryan Mathews
Second round (40): DT Cam Thomas
Third round (91): WR Carlton Mitchell
Fourth round (126): S Reshad Jones
Summary: Early in the draft process, Mathews was considered a physical, between-the-tackles runner. Then he ran in the low- to mid-4.4 range, and you looked at his tape and saw him breaking tackles ... and then running away from everybody. In other words, he's the perfect complement to Darren Sproles in the Chargers' offense. He can carry the load and provide some explosiveness but also give way when the team utilizes Sproles. Thomas is a guy who can work along the interior in the 3-4, which is why he goes here and a guy like Brian Price doesn't. The Chargers also address depth needs at WR with Mitchell and Jones in the secondary.

Check out some highlights of Matthews.