Bill Williamson, the AFC West blogger for ESPN just made me feel a lot better about the Chargers pick. I was looking forward to having the 40th overall pick, which was upgraded from the 60th pick when the Chargers traded their third string QB to Seattle. In the big picture, it looks like the Chargers traded Charlie Whitehurst, and the 60th pick in the draft, for a third round pick, and got the guy they wanted. Could he have still been there at 28? Possibly, but they traded a second rounder and a QB that never would have played for a third rounder and they guy they really wanted.

AJ Smith has never been known as a draft day dunce, so there is no reason to think of him as one now. My main concern is with the defense. I love the Nathan Vasher pickup, but we need someone to fill the middle. The Chargers defense has been subpar ever since Jamal Williams stopped being Jamal Williams. Vaughne Martin may be the answer, and that could be the trick up his sleeve, but he didn't look ready last year, so its hard to imagine he will be an impact player this year.

Check out Bill Williamson raving about AJ Smith's genius.

My theory? I think that the Chargers and Seahawks made a deal a long time ago. When they came to terms about the trade of Charlie Whitehurst and picks, it looked incredibly lopsided. I think that wasn't the whole deal. I think they agreed to this draft day trade, back then. Seattle didn't want the salary, and they found a way to get the guy they wanted in the draft, a backup QB, and upgraded a third round pick for a second round pick. When you look at the two trades as one, it actually makes sense.